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The King's Speech

Wrote on 17/02/11 by Kurt Eggers

Judith Maginnis Kuster, The ASHA Leader, 2011:
Years ago, after much searching, I found a disc recording of King George VI's speech, delivered Sept. 3, 1939, to use as an example of "famous people who stutter" in my stuttering course. The Internet has made the king's speech much easier to find (see sidebar). Now this historical event has become the subject of the award-winning film, "The King's Speech" (TKS), which provides a sympathetic and accurate portrayal of stuttering

The script was written by the very patient David Seidler, a person who stutters; he promised the Queen Mum it wouldn't be produced until after her death, which occurred in 2002 at age 101. Seidler was interviewed on StutterTalk and he will be honored by Our Time Theatre Company at its April 11 gala in New York City. He also will keynote two conferences in July—the  FRIENDS conference on July 21–23 in Washington, D.C., and the National Stuttering Association conference on July 6–10 in Fort Worth, Texas.

The film brings together three actors from the British version of "Pride and Prejudice"—Lizzy, Darcy, and Mr. Collins—and features an actress in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." Their acting, and the film itself, have received high critical praise (search "The King's Speech" for numerous reviews).

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