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ECSF Specialization course as part of a PhD-training.

Wrote on 02/07/10 by Kurt Eggers

The ESCF specialization course may be used as a part of postgraduate studies of Logopedics in the University of Oulu, Finland.  Thus, the 20 credits of ECSF may be used to compose 1/3 of the studies that are required for a postgraduate degree.  A doctoral thesis could be prepared as part of the projects going on in the University of Oulu. It is also possible that the postgraduate student makes his/her thesis on other areas of his/her research interests.

More information concerning postgraduate studies in the University of Oulu is available at  http://www.oulu.fi/hutk/en/postgraduatestudies/

For further information you may contact Eira Jansson-Verkasalo:
Email: eira.jansson-verkasalo@oulu.fi
Phone: +35 8 40 5366546.