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Fluency specialization in Europe: where are we? Kurt Eggers
(ECSF coordinator & Thomas More, Antwerp, Belgium) pdf
The role of the Dutch Association of Stuttering Therapy. Esther Bunschoten & Anneke Busser  (Past- & President Dutch Association of Stuttering Therapy) pdf

10.00 am

Camp Dream. Speak. Live. Courtney Byrd  (U of Texas & Michael and Tami Lang Stuttering Institute, USA)

11.00 am

Coffee break

11.30 am

An introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Carolyn Cheasman & Rachel Everard
  (City Lit, London, UK) pdf

12.30 pm


01.30 pm

Lexipontix: the threatening mouse becomes a companion pet. George Fourlas  (ΚΕΘΤ: Stuttering Research & Therapy Centre, Athens, Greece) pdf

02.15 pm

Lidcombe Programme: an update on the research. Sabine Van Eerdenbrugh  (International Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium & Thomas More U College, Antwerp, Belgium) pdf

03.00 pm

Coffee Break

03.30 pm

Accounting for the impact of concomitant issues with children who stutter. Joseph Donaher  (The Center for Childhood Communication & The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA) pdf

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05.00 pm

Comparing effectiveness and costs of stuttering treatment for pre-schoolers: RESTART trial. Marie-Christine Franken (Erasmus U Medical Center, Sophia Children's Hospital, the Netherlands) pdf