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Presymposium workshop

Mini-KIDS:  Stuttering Modification for Young Children  Fully booked!

Abstract: Mini-KIDS is a stuttering modification treatment that is developed from Van Riper's and Dell's approach that takes into account the learning strategies of pre-school children.
Children at the age of 2-4 years learn from models in their environment. Therefore the parents are crucial in this approach. Stuttering children are able to speak fluently most of the time. The loss of control during stuttering events can lead into the vicious circle of effort, tension and shame. The model of an easy and assertive stuttering in the child's environment shows better coping strategies and frequently leads to recovery. But even if the stuttering should remain the child is best prepared.
Children from 4-6 years are able to observe and to control voluntarily their speech. The phases of Van Riper's and Dell's stuttering modification are adapted to the cognitive and emotional development of this age. Children and parents are desensitized against stuttering and its triggers. They learn the perceptive, motor and linguistic skills that are necessary to identify real stuttering symptoms and to modify them. The goal is either the recovery or an assertive and easy stuttering and the prevention of the vicious circle of effort, tension and shame.

The workshop provides in depth information on the following points

  • What goals Mini-KIDS aims at?
  • For which cases Mini-KIDS is indicated?
  • How parents are involved into the treatment process?
  • What are the main techniques for children to voluntarily control stuttered speech?
  • How can these techniques be established in everyday life?
  • What are limitations of Mini-KIDS?

Participants of the workshop will be able to describe the treatment according Mini-KIDS and will gain in-depth insight in the used techniques.
The workshop is in a hands-on-format and will make use of several video-examples and practical exercises.  Hand-outs will be provided.


Peter Schneider

: School of Logopedics at the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany & ECSF staff member

Peter Schneider holds degrees in Pedagogics and Logopedics and works since 1990 as a lecturer at the School of Logopedics, Uniklinik RWTH Aachen. He developed the Stuttering Modification approach KIDS together with dr. Patricia Sandrieser and has authored books, treatment/assessment materials on stuttering for specialists, stuttering children and their parents.




Veerle Waelkens

: Artevelde University College Ghent, Belgium & ECSF staff member

Veerle Waelkens holds a Bachelor's degree in speech and language pathology, a Post graduate certificate in speech Fluency, and works since 2003 as a lecturer in speech fluency disorders at Artevelde U College Ghent and in a private practice oriented at treating stuttering, cluttering and speech anxiety.