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The first Camp Dream. Speak. Live will be organized from
Monday February 12th to Thursday February 15th 2018 (Carnavalverlof Nederland - Krokusvakantie Vlaanderen).
09.30 - 16.30 daily (hours to be confirmed)
The camp is non-residential (no overnight stays). 

Kronenbugstraat 62-68
2018 Antwerpen

The language used throughout the whole camp is Dutch.

Organizers & counselors:
Courtney Byrd (Founding Director Lang Stuttering Institute), Elisabeth Hampton (Associate Director Lang Stuttering Institute), and ECSF staff members will work together with different fluency specialists, SLTs, and SLT-students who will act as counselors.

The camp is oriented at school-aged children between 6 and 14 years of age.

More information:
Interested to give the parents of your school-aged clients more information? Interested to enroll your child for the camp? Interested to act as a counselor?
Contact us via