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Education and culture Socrates European union

With the support of the Socrates Programme of the European Union

External review

EU Commission

"a very well performed and managed project where all planned outcomes are being fulfilled"

ASHA fluency specialists

"very suitable pedagogical approach"
"Overall... it is simply a miracle to see the level of organization, content and commitment that has gone into this effort." 

ECSF course participants

Average scores on course evaluation by participants:
(on a 5-point scale ranging from 'very poor' to 'excellent')
  Overall session formats: 'very good' to 'excellent'
  Practical & usefull information: 'very good' to 'excellent'  
  Lecturers' ability to present information: 'very good' to 'excellent'
  Overall course evaluation: 'very good' to 'excellent'

Individual feedback after the first intensive week:
  "I felt privileged to be part of the course."
  "I am full of ideas and ambitions to learn more..."
  "Although it was a very busy week, it was a great experience!"
  "I appreciated the international company, the discussions and the different views on treatment."

Individual feedback after the second intensive week:
  "All lectures were excellent! ... tired ... but filled with useful, practical information and knowledge." 
inspired and eager to go to my country and try things out with clients...happy I applied for this course! "
  "It was great: very invigorating but challenging."
  "I feel I've improved a lot during this week... I am happy I made the decision to follow the course."