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With the support of the Socrates Programme of the European Union

Application procedure

Entrance qualifications

The specialization course is open to persons with a Ba or Ma degree in Speech Language Therapy who are qualified to work as an SLT in their home country.

Application procedure
1. Complete the application form.
2. Add a copy of the diploma of your highest qualification and your identity card.
3. Send these documents to ECSF-secretariat.
4. Applicants will receive a notification after receipt of documents.
5. Selected candidates (max. 24 per cycle) will receive an invitation to officially register for the ECSF-course.
6. Registration is final after payment of registration fee. This fee is not refundable.
7. Participants are selected on a first come first served basis.
For more information please contact

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for the 2020-2021 course is €1900.
The fee includes all lecturing, follow up sessions, evaluations and 2 course dinners. Students have also online access to the major scientific journals. Students will receive an official student card, with student benefits (e.g., reduced membership fees IFA, ...).
Overnight stays during the intensive weeks are not included.
For Flanders:  het gebruik van de KMO-portefeuille is mogelijk voor zelfstandigen, hierbij wordt de helft van het inschrijfgeld gereduceerd.
for people from underdeveloped countries is available.

Future planning of courses

Course 2020-2021 (Fully booked):
Intensive week 1: Web-based because of Covid-19 pandemic, 14-19/09/2020
Intensive week 2: Web-based because of Covid-19 pandemic, 22-27/02/2021  

Course 2021-2022 (Fully booked):
Intensive week 1: Cascais, Portugal, 20-25/09/2021
Intensive week 2: Ghent, Belgium, 21-26/02/2022   

Course 2022-2023 (Pre-registration is possible):
Intensive week 1: London, United Kingdom, 19-24/09/2022
Intensive week 2: Bruges, Belgium, February 2023